IBC impacts students in a big way.

Through IBC you will gain real-world skills that will enhance your capabilities, elevate your career and open doors to new opportunities.

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With a 1-in-5 acceptance rate, IBC’s 300-member talent pool comes pre-screened and represents students from 50 different disciplines.

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What skills do IBC members gain?

IBC benefits its members in many ways and in every role in the organization.

What are IBC members saying?

Olivia Salela

IBC has given me the knowledge, skills, leadership, and most importantly confidence to take on a career in consulting. I don't know where I would be without IBC.

Olivia Salela Senior ManagerSenior in Finance

Hardika Narula

IBC has provided me with a meaningful platform to develop myself as a consultant and has been one of the most fun and fast-paced experiences I have had alongside my MBA education.

Hardika Narula Project ManagerMBA

Hasan Siddiqui

IBC has helped me become a team player and develop the business acumen to prepare me for my future career.

Hasan Siddiqui Consultant Second Year Law Student

What companies are hiring IBC graduates?

What skills do IBC participants learn?


of students surveyed said IBC has helped to improve their research skills


of students surveyed said IBC has helped to improve their leadership skills


of students surveyed said IBC has helped to improve their teamwork skills

What companies does IBC work with?

At IBC students are afforded the opportunity to network and gain valuable experience through their client engagement. Illinois Business Consulting has worked with approximately 500 clients worldwide ranging from Fortune 500 firms to non-profits.

Alcatel Lucent
John Deere
Zebra Technologies
West Monroe Partners
Busey Bank
Lockheed Martin
Dow Agrisciences
Procter & Gamble

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