Solve business problems. Build your talent pipeline. Increase your presence on campus. IBC is a one-stop shop for 300 of the best students at the University of Illinois. With a 1-in-5 acceptance rate, IBC’s talent pool is pre-screened and represents students from 50 different disciplines.

Cozad Asset Management, Inc.

Delphi Technology

Hammer Haley

City of Champaign


Dow AgroSciences

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We know the kind of talent we find in IBC will be successful in our firm. As a result, we actively recruit from the IBC program including three IBC members in the last 13 months. IBC is also a great channel for us to strengthen our brand on campus.

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Who are IBC's Students?

Illinois Business Consulting's student talent consists of:

270 students from 9 colleges and 50 disciplines.

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