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City of Champaign

City of Champaign

<p>An independent committee, commissioned by the City of Champaign, was formed specifically to address bringing a Minor League Baseball team to Champaign, IL.</p>

The Problem

<p>The committee formed for this project asked IBC to investigate the parameters of investing $10-30 million in building an athletic facility that would act as the home for a Minor League Baseball team. Due the variation of the investment, the IBC team would determine what type/size of facility should be built in order to be financially successful for a long period of time.</p>

The Solution

<p>The IBC team utilized data and case studies on 35 comparable stadiums in order to learn how current stadiums and teams become, and remain, successful. Based on the research, the team identified factors that affect attendance, the efforts required in creating a positive fan experience and how to make a stadium and baseball team financially sustainable. The team also created multiple scenario-based financial models to help their client make projects on sales and profit. Ultimately, the IBC team made the recommendation that the City should bring a minor league team to Champaign.</p> <p>Since the IBC’s final deliverable, approximately 2 dozen city leaders have made the decision continue to explore the option of potentially acquiring a facility.</p> <p>Tony Johnson, Chairperson of the Committee, said the following about working with IBC,</p> <p>"I was thoroughly impressed; I thought they did a fantastic job. I thought the group was not only energetic, but beyond that, the presentation was done extremely professionally and done exactly the way and within the scope that was necessary and asked for. They answered the question directly and fully, and all information given was valuable and pertinent. I presented the project to both the City and to a potential owner of the team and I also got the same response. I couldn't score them less than 5 stars."</p>

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