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Housed in the College of Business at the University of Illinois, IBC provides students with real-world project opportunities while helping clients solve challenges and identify opportunities. IBC conducts more than 70 projects every year with Fortune 100, mid-sized and startup companies and nonprofit organizations.

Cozad Asset Management, Inc.

Cozad Asset Management, Inc.

<p>Founded in 1972 and based in Champaign, Illinois, Cozad Asset Management is a client-driven company that manages over $760 million in investments through a range of services including their unique International Equity Income portfolio.</p>

The Problem

<p>Cozad brought in IBC to help collect a vast amount of business intelligence and trending data that focused on economies worldwide for their International Stock Portfolio. For the last six years, Cozad has used IBC to do macroeconomic research for multiple foreign countries, and to ultimately determine strategies on which economies will provide a return on investment.</p>

The Solution

<p>IBC performed a top-down analysis of the macroeconomic conditions in various countries to identify the most promising countries and sectors for investment. The IBC team compiled research on expected gross domestic product, and inflationary and political risks while analyzing a few specific public companies from each region.</p> <p>Cozad is very pleased with the system that has evolved with IBC over the last six years.</p> <p>J. Bryant Evans of Cozad said the following about IBC,</p> <p>"We realized that IBC was a natural fit for the International Equity Income portfolio because of the opportunity to bring in students from around the world. IBC seemed like a good place to start and the students under the guidance of great professors met the challenge. We re-engage with IBC about once a year and plan to do so in the future."</p>

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