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Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

<p>Lockheed Martin is a Fortune 500 company specializing in global security and aerospace. Headquartered in Maryland, they are the largest provider of IT services, systems integration and training to the U.S. government, working mainly with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. federal government agencies.</p>

The Problem

<p>As the frequency of space launches began to decline, Lockheed Martin asked the IBC team to determine how the company might position itself moving forward. The positioning analysis considered multiple variables regarding the future of the space launch industry and would provide the IBC team the intelligence necessary to suggest the strategies Lockheed Martin would need moving forward.</p>

The Solution

<p>The IBC team began their research with Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, which provided an overview of competitive forces, firms offering substitute products, barriers to enter the industry, and the bargaining power and leverage exercisable by suppliers of inputs as well as buyers of the product. IBC also investigated government and political factors, and took into consideration how financial and market related contingencies would affect Lockheed Martin’s success.</p> <p>Based on this research, IBC determined the opportunities and strategies that Lockheed Martin should give substantial consideration to for the overall success of launch vehicle programs. IBC also provided Lockheed with recommendations to lower their costs and recommended that they consider forming a joint venture with a major competitor.</p>

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