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Housed in the College of Business at the University of Illinois, IBC provides students with real-world project opportunities while helping clients solve challenges and identify opportunities. IBC conducts more than 70 projects every year with Fortune 100, mid-sized and startup companies and nonprofit organizations.

Hammer Haley

Hammer Haley

<p>Founded in 2001, Hammer Haley pioneered the ‘Candidate Elite’ segment of retained executive search. The ‘Candidate Elite’ community is comprised of individuals who combine first-rank academic credentials and world-class employment pedigrees. The firm is a boutique market leader for senior-to-middle management client assignments focused on corporate strategy and corporate development roles.</p>

The Problem

<p>Hammer Haley came to IBC to conduct research in the Fortune 1000 market to determine whether diversity in hiring is important to employers for corporate-level strategy positions.</p>

The Solution

<p>IBC performed an assessment on the corporate market, and based on their findings, IBC recommended that Hammer Haley formalize a diversity and inclusion practice that emphasizes the innovation gained from including diversity in the hiring process. Since the IBC project, Hammer Haley has acted on IBC’s recommendations, and has formalized a diversity and inclusion business practice with a focus on recruiting.</p> <p>Mike Gozon, Co-Founder of Hammer Haley, said the following about IBC: “As a group and individually, they were terrific to work with. They had the right level of energy and were smart. They were willing to take risks. They came to the table with ideas in terms of where to take the study, so they were proactive in that way. I really feel like they gave it a best effort. Would I work with that group again? Absolutely. I hope one day they are some of our candidates.”</p>

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