Client Expectations

IBC provides successful results for each client project while providing a real-world student experience. We choose projects that will create opportunity and challenge a student's intellect. IBC uses many different resources within the university and past projects to meet our client's needs. IBC strongly believes that client involvement is highly beneficial for the success of a project and the students. During the project timeline you will expect some of the following responsibilities listed below.

client discussion with students

What makes a successful project

Our most successful projects have two key characteristics.

  • The project scope is well defined and agreed to by all parties early in the engagement
  • Consistent and effective client involvement. A key contact person must be dedicated to each team. The time commitment is minimal, approximately 2 hours per week, on average.

If these two elements are satisfied, the team will be well focused throughout and the client will be aware of the team's progress and can provide timely input and guidance.

Client Responsibilities

Our student teams volunteer 600-800 hours per project while balancing a demanding course load and other activities. We ask that our clients invest a very modest but critical amount of time with the teams. Specifically, we expect the following:

  • 2 hours per week, on average, spent with teams reviewing status reports and answering questions from team (e.g., via email, phone or in person)
  • Quick response time to student team questions/ issues (note: the materials/ data requested may take longer to provide)
  • Timely review of deliverables, including the following:
    • Engagement proposal
    • Status reports
    • Final deliverable and associated drafts

Adhering to these guidelines helps to ensure a successful engagement for both the client and the student project team.