Who we are and what we do

Illinois Business Consulting conducts 40-50 business consulting projects each year for established organizations of varying sizes (Fortune 500 to small businesses, both for-profit and not-for-profit) and allows students to build problem solving, project management and client management skills that can be leveraged in their career of choice.

Illinois Business Consulting recruits graduate and undergraduate students alike to execute the engagements, and leverages expertise from other programs across the campus, including the Graduate School of Library Information Sciences, College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Communications and the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations depending on the project scope. In addition, select faculty members provide subject matter expertise to the teams.

Check out more information about our Student Leadership Team, a diverse group of students that lead to the success of Illinois Business Consulting.

About Us

Illinois Business Counseling develops tomorrow's leaders by fostering a learning environment where a diverse group of students can leverage their education, experience and the resources of the University of Illinois to provide value to our clients through consulting engagements.

About Illinois Business Consulting

Founded in 1996 by Dr. Paul Magelli, Illinois Business Consulting has conducted approximately 750 projects for over 500 clients. Its primary objective is education, enabling students to apply their classroom learning to solving real business issues, while providing value-added solutions to our clients.