Case Studies

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Delphi Technologies Inc.


Delphi is a leading global supplier of electronics and technologies for automotive, commercial vehicle and other market segments. Delphi delivers real-world innovations that make products smarter and safer, as well and more powerful and efficient.


Delphi came to IBC with a promising new technology in North America and Europe, but needed help in determining the best application methods and target segments the new technology would appeal to.


The IBC team utilized multiple models, including the Bass Diffusion Model, in order to forecast user adoption and growth for the new technology. Multiple WACC and cash flows were estimated for the new technology launch in both North America and Europe. These services provided by the IBC team guaranteed that Delphi had the intelligence required to launch their new technology and allowed them to define a starting point to market their product.

Allstate Case Study Client The Allstate Corporation, a Fortune 100 company, is the largest publicly held personal lines property and casualty insurer in America, providing customers with auto and homeowners insurance. Problem Allstate came to IBC for help creating a game for an employee training program that would increase engagement and improve employees’ abilities to provide relevant and effective services to each customer. Results The IBC team began this project with by focusing on the user experience people encounter when gaming, and how games could potentially be used as a learning technique. The team also uncovered the motivation people experience during a game and the range of characteristics for the various types of games on the market. With this research and input from Allstate, IBC created three different games to meet the needs of the Allstate training program. Since this project, Allstate has hired three IBC students in both full-time and intern positions. Amy Floyd, Director of Direct Sale Education at Allstate, said the following about working with IBC, “I was so impressed with the quality of the material that came out of the IBC consulting group I would have likened it to any outside sourcing professional training organization that I might have used in the past. The quality was equivalent, certainly the depth of understanding of what I was trying to get was equivalent, if not better. But the best thing about this was I was working with a group of students that had so much enthusiasm that couldn’t be paid for in any engagement.”


Cozad Case Study


Founded in 1972 and based in Champaign, Illinois, Cozad Asset Management is a client-driven company that manages over $760 million in investments through a range of services including their unique International Equity Income portfolio.


Cozad brought in IBC to help collect a vast amount of business intelligence and trending data that focused on economies worldwide for their International Stock Portfolio. For the last six years, Cozad has used IBC to do macroeconomic research for multiple foreign countries, and to ultimately determine strategies on which economies will provide a return on invest. 


IBC performed a top-down analysis of the macroeconomic conditions in various countries to identify the most promising countries and sectors for investment. The IBC team compiled research on expected gross domestic product, and inflationary and political risks while analyzing a few specific public companies from each region.

Cozad is very pleased with the system that has evolved with IBC over the last six years.

J.  Bryant Evans of Cozad said the following about IBC,

“We realized that IBC was a natural fit for the International Equity Income portfolio because of the opportunity to bring in students from around the world. IBC seemed like a good place to start and the students under the guidance of great professors met the challenge. We re-engage with IBC about once a year and plan to do so in the future.”

City of Champaign MiLB Case Study


An independent committee, commissioned by the City of Champaign, was formed specifically to address bringing a Minor League Baseball team to Champaign, IL.


The committee formed for this project asked IBC to investigate the parameters of investing $10-30 million in building an athletic facility that would act as the home for a Minor League Baseball team. Due the variation of the investment, the IBC team would determine what type/size of facility should be built in order to be financially successful for a long period of time.


The IBC team utilized data and case studies on 35 comparable stadiums in order to learn how current stadiums and teams become, and remain, successful. Based on the research, the team identified factors that affect attendance, the efforts required in creating a positive fan experience and how to make a stadium and baseball team financially sustainable. The team also created multiple scenario-based financial models to help their client make projects on sales and profit. Ultimately, the IBC team made the recommendation that the City should bring a minor league team to Champaign.

Since the IBC’s final deliverable, approximately 2 dozen city leaders have made the decision continue to explore the option of potentially acquiring a facility.

Tony Johnson, Chairperson of the Committee, said the following about working with IBC,

“I was thoroughly impressed; I thought they did a fantastic job. I thought the group was not only energetic, but beyond that, the presentation was done extremely professionally and done exactly the way and within the scope that was necessary and asked for. They answered the question directly and fully, and all information given was valuable and pertinent. I presented the project to both the City and to a potential owner of the team and I also got the same response. I couldn’t score them less than 5 stars.”


An integral component of the College of Business, Illinois Business Consulting (IBC) is a student consulting organization. Each year, approximately 200 students perform 40-50 projects for Fortune 500, mid-sized, new venture and non-profit clients. The organization enables students to apply their classroom learning to real business issues.

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