Student training and development

All students selected into Illinois Business Consulting are required to attend training sessions to prepare you for your work on projects. Topics covered in the training sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • How to be a consultant
  • Orientation/resources/primary and secondary research techniques
  • Project management in consulting
  • Strategic framework and how to dissect a problem
  • How to tell a story/presentation techniques

A calendar of training events is made available to students upon their acceptance into Illinois Business Consulting.

IBC career progression and responsibilities

The career progression within Illinois Business Consulting is very similar to any other consulting organization. You typically begin as a Consultant. After a successful completion of a project as a Consultant and if you demonstrate leadership skills, you may be promoted to Project Manager. Since Project Manager positions are limited and we have many qualified candidates, not everyone will be promoted. After successfully completing a project as a Project Manager, those who display people management skills may be promoted to Senior Manager.

Fall 2014 Recruiting Cycle Deadlines

Application acceptance deadline Aug 1
First round interview invitations Aug 18
First round interview signup deadline Aug 22
First round interviews Aug 25 - Aug 29
Communication of First round interview results Aug 30
Second round interview signup deadline Aug 31 (Labor Day)
Second round interviews Sep 2 - Sep 5
Communication of Final decision By Sep 7

For more information, contact the IBC team at (217) 244-1286 or stop by the Illinois Business Consulting office in the Business Instructional Facility building, Suite 2015.


Students from across the campus participate in Illinois Business Consulting projects. Graduate and undergraduate students alike are eligible to apply. Qualified applicants will be invited to interview. Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2014 semester.

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IBC has access to talents across the University of Illinois campus. Graduate and undergraduate students from business, engineering, agriculture, life sciences and other programs across campus join IBC to get unparalleled professional development experience.