Impact for IBC Alumni in the workforce

Across the board, IBC members felt they recieved more benefit from the organization the higher up they advanced.

In a most recent survey, 73% said that their experiences in IBC benefitted them in getting a job and 57% said that their experience with IBC benefitted them in getting an internship. Among those surveyed, 79% have entered the workforce in some sense. 73% have entered what they call their career and 6% are in some other, temporary job. The positions held by IBC alumni in the workforce showed how much IBC experience benefitted them. Many of our alumni are found in executive roles, in senior management, and are found among the leaders of their fields. (Survey conducted in spring of 2014.)

Companies hiring the most IBC graduates.

Ernst & Young LLP 27
PricewaterhouseCoopers 23
Deloitte LLP 20
Deloitte Consulting 12
Sears Holding Corporation 9
JP Morgan Chase 5
State Farm 5
West Monroe Partners 5
Accenture 4
AllState 4
Dover Corporation 4
Duff and Phelps, LLC 4
Intel Corporation 4
Microsoft 4
Motorola 4
AT&T 4

A survey was conducted from IBC Alumni members in an effort to measure the personal and professional impact from the organization.

The experience of IBC participation provides a base from which alumni can potentially find continued growth even after graduation and entering the workforce. The strength of this organization is in its alumni base – strong employees, leaders, and innovators that are willing to reach back to the experience they had while in IBC. As they pull from this base, they will find the potential for continued growth through mentorship, networking, and continued education from the IBC alumni network and the organization as its stands currently.

Average annual salary by highest position reached

Average annual salary by highest position reached

Average annual salary by college

Average annual salary by college

Among those surveyed who have already started in their careers, some included information on their starting salaries. Taking those numbers and comparing them with the averages reported on different UIUC college websites and also comparing them with the averages reported by Forbes, IBC alumni make, on average, more than non-IBC alumni of UIUC and the national average of graduates from a similar major. The metrics seen in the top graph are indicative of undergraduates only, but since over half of IBC participants are undergraduates, this is a very important data point to consider.

Why would you hire an IBC Alumnus

IBC Alumni survey question 'would you hire'

We asked, "Would you hire IBC Alumni?" and 97.35% of 108 respondents said YES.

When given a list of possible traits that might be found in IBC alumni, the following four were chosen by approximately 70% of survey takers. This significant majority have decided to state that they would most likely hire IBC participants because they are good at teamwork, they have strong leadership skills, they are effective researchers, and they are well trained in giving presentations.

All survey data was conducted in the spring of 2014


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The impact of IBC on its students

The impact of IBC can be seen through the three subsets of value: personal growth, professional growth, and potential future growth.

IBC, as an extension of the University, is expected to provide this type of growth not only in line with the University, but in addition to the university. Because it is an extension of the university, it should provide something more; something that the university cannot provide on its own.