Structure details

IBC is student led and managed under the guidance of highly experienced professional staff. Each academic year approximately 200 students participate in IBC. To effectively operate this organization the following structure is utilized:

  • The professional staff is responsible for providing expertise and resources to help identify and shape projects and counsel and support the student leadership team members.
  • The student leadership team, headed by the Student Director, includes Senior Managers.
  • Managers are responsible for ensuring the effective management of the IBC organization including Strategy, Marketing, Operations and Quality Assurance.
  • Senior Managers are responsible for ensuring the successful execution of 4-5 client projects under their supervision per year.

Each team is supervised and guided by a Senior Manager and Project Manager assigned to the team. An appropriate number of Consultants are staffed based on the scope of the project. The typical team size is 6-8 people, including the Senior Manager.

IBC professional staff reviews all project contracts, mid-point and final deliverables prior to presentation to the client.

Most IBC projects run 12 weeks in length. Projects begin at the start of the academic semester and run through the end of the semester.

Roles and responsibilites

Professional staff

  • Provides critical input to teams
  • Reviews all deliverables
  • Responsible for long-term stability and success of the organization

Student leadership team

  • Manages the daily activities of the organization
  • Responsible for the strategic direction and success of the organization within a single academic year

Senior manager

  • Ensures quality of project deliverables
  • Provides guidance and direction for the team
  • Creates a positive experience for the students and client alike through effective people management
  • Liaison between the project teams and the Student Leadership Team

Project manager

  • Oversees day-to-day activities of a project/team
  • Ensures students are on task and milestones are achieved
  • Assists with analysis and recommendation


  • Assists with data gathering and analysis
  • Develops recommendations


Students from across the campus participate in Illinois Business Consulting projects. Graduate and undergraduate students alike are eligible to apply. Qualified applicants will be invited to interview. Applications are currently being accepted for Fall 2014 semester.

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Team Structure

Projects are staffed with students who have been accepted into IBC. Students' skill sets are matched with the needs of the project engagements. The IBC Leadership Team balances the student's interests with their skills/ knowledge and the needs of the projects available for staffing.