True to our name, IBC offers business consulting solutions to help our clients solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Our services cover the following functional areas and we address the types of questions outlined below.

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Market Analysis & Marketing Strategy

  • Who is our ideal customer and how does our product meet their needs?
  • How big is the market and what are the growth and consumer preference trends?
  • What is the competitive landscape and how should we position ourselves to succeed?
  • How does our pricing impact our positioning?
  • We know who our customers are, but how do we reach them?
  • What channels should we use to get our product into the customers’ hands?
  • What kind of packaging will best attract the customer? Where should our product be placed?

Financial Analysis

  • How will a 10% decrease in annual revenue impact our bottom line?
  • What is the most cost-effective approach to building or procuring a new storage facility?
  • Is there a better way to forecast our MRO budget in order to fix and replace assets before they are broken?

Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain

  • How can we optimize the process flow in the hospital’s Emergency Department in order to decrease patient waiting times?
  • What algorithms should be used to best manage the ongoing transportation of hundreds of rail cars and the products inside them?
  • How can we ensure that our 2nd and 3rd tier supplies comply with our company policies?

Human Capital

  • How do we create new and younger leaders in our company when the majority of our workforce is older and may not provide the environment your students?
  • What are millenials looking for in a job and career and how can we position ourselves to attract these students?
  • What is the best way to organize our staff in order to foster a sense of unity and cohesion?

Data Analytics

  • How can we better display our data in ways that will make it easier for us to make decisions?
  • Of all the data we collect, which is important and which should we keep track of?

Sample Case Studies

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Delphi Technology


Hammer Haley

Dow AgroSciences

City of Champaign

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