Student Profiles

Read on to hear what students are saying about their IBC experience.

Hasan Siddiqui, Consultant

Second Year Law Student

IBC has helped me become a team player and develop the business acumen to prepare me for my future career.

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Mark Wallner, Senior Consultant

Junior in Industrial Engineering

I will always value and remember my IBC experiences.

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Matt Hebron, Senior Consultant

Sophomore in Accountancy & Finance

IBC is not only an additional program in the College of Business, it is an organization that enhances your entire academic experience at the University of Illinois.

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Irina Chetvergova, Senior Consultant

MBA Candidate, Class of 2015

It is knowing that you are making a difference for your clients and building long-lasting professional relationships with your teammates.

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Brian Baids, Project Manager

Junior in General Engineering

The value of IBC is that there is such a diversity of experience and personnel.

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Hardika Narula, Project Manager


IBC has provided me with a meaningful platform to develop myself as a consultant and has been one of the most fun and fast-paced experiences I have had alongside my MBA education.

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Olivia Salela , Senior Manager

Senior in Finance

IBC has given me the knowledge, skills, leadership, and most importantly confidence to take on a career in consulting. I don't know where I would be without IBC.

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Jennifer Li, Project Manager

Junior in Accountancy

I find myself energized and motivated everyday by my teammates in IBC.

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Anika Murthy, Consultant (Spending this semester in SOT)

Junior in Finance

IBC has brought me so much more than I had imagined.

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