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Jennifer Li, Project Manager

Junior in Accountancy

What is it like to be a Project Manager in IBC?

Being a Project Manager in IBC is one of the most exciting experiences I've had during my college career. There is a lot that I have learned from being managing a team of consultants and working so closely to the leadership of IBC that I could never have learned through any other experience. It has helped me develop not only my technical skills, but more importantly soft skills that will help me in my future career.

What's your favorite experience at IBC?

My favorite experience with IBC has to be meeting and getting to know the teams that I've worked on. I have created so many lasting relationships with the people I have worked with. Being able to interact with people of different backgrounds and expertise has really broadened my horizons, and I find myself energized and motivated everyday by my teammates in IBC.

What's the most exciting project you've work on with IBC?

The most exciting project I worked on was my second project. We helped build a business plan and marketing strategy for a non-profit organization seeking to gain 501(c)3 status. It was incredibly rewarding to be a part of the process of building something from the ground up, and in the end seeing how our work really made a difference for our client.

What is the value of IBC to you personally?

IBC has introduced me to a network of highly motivated, intelligent, and entrepreneurial professionals. It has provided me endless opportunities to develop myself professionally, and creates an environment where everyone promotes each other's development and growth.

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