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Matt Hebron, Senior Consultant

Sophomore in Accountancy & Finance

What is it like to be a Senior Consultant in IBC?

As a consultant, a majority of your time is spent researching for your client. Your entire team (ranging from freshman to PhD Candidates) will meet together and determine a strategy to tackle a business problem for a real company.

What's your favorite experience at IBC?

With real clients like Walmart and McDonald's, IBC manages to take the best students on campus ranging from freshman to PhD Candidates. As a freshman last semester, I got the opportunity to work with upperclassmen in Chemical Engineering, Finance, and first-year MBA Candidates.

What's the most exciting project you've work on with IBC?

The fall of my freshman year I was given the opportunity to help a Fortune 1000 company decide on how to recruit talent. IBC is not only an additional program in the College of Business, it is an organization that enhances your entire academic experience at the University of Illinois.

What is the value of IBC to you personally?

Networking with some of the most ambitious students on campus. Many of our Senior Managers end up in some form of consulting by the time they graduate. I hope by the time I graduate I have the same opportunity.

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