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Brian Baids, Project Manager

Junior in General Engineering

What is it like to be a Project Manager in IBC?

Being a Project Manager in IBC is one of the greatest challenges that I undertook at the University of Illinois, and it has positively impacted me beyond measure. IBC was able to provide me with the opportunity to build relationships both within my team and with a client while developing skills and garnering experience that would apply directly to the real world.

What's your favorite experience at IBC?

My favorite experience in IBC was the first time that I presented to a client as a freshman. I was so unbelievably nervous, but had confidence that the work we had completed was valuable to our client. Looking back on this experience and comparing it to client presentations now it is staggering to see the change in presentation ability and confidence.

What's the most exciting project you've work on with IBC?

The most exciting project that I worked on at IBC was for a start-up company who had developed a technology that most consumers are not aware of. It was amazing to me that I was able to collaborate with the inventor and have a hand in developing the business to ensure the success of this idea.

What is the value of IBC to you personally?

The value of IBC is that there is such a diversity of experience and personnel. Throughout my time in IBC I have never felt that I was facing a situation I had faced before or one that I was wholly prepared for. The opportunity to stretch myself and grow as each of these opportunities came along, while doing it among some of the brightest and most capable students at Illinois is the value of IBC to me.

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