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Mark Wallner, Senior Consultant

Junior in Industrial Engineering

What is it like to be a Senior Consultant in IBC?

Being a Senior Consultant for IBC is extremely rewarding. Not only do I get to do research and analysis on real issues for big companies, but also I get to enhance my leadership and communication skills, working closely with my managers in leading the project and helping with the team’s development.

What's your favorite experience at IBC?

My favorite experience in IBC so far was definitely getting to present in our midpoint last semester to Chancellor Wise. I’d never gotten the chance to meet her, and it was great to get feedback from her and to be a significant part of her first real exposure to IBC. We got to work in the interest of our own University and witness interactions at the top level of both IBC and the institution. It was both interesting and eye-opening.

What's the most exciting project you've work on with IBC?

My project last semester, the Chancellor’s Project, was very exciting and successful. We worked very closely with Chancellor Wise and other faculty of the university, and Rob, one of our directors, was heavily involved as well. It was a great feeling to get positive feedback from them regarding the strengthened relationship between IBC and the University as a result of our work.

What is the value of IBC to you personally?

I never expected the experience to offer such substantial development to the consultants and for the impact to feel so real. In every internship interview I had last fall, I brought up at least one scenario from the few months I had been involved in IBC. I truly feel that it is helping shape the beginning of my career, and I will always value and remember my IBC experiences.

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