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Anika Murthy, Consultant (Spending this semester in SOT)

Junior in Finance

What is it like to be a Consultant (Spending this semester in SOT) in IBC?

Being a consultant is something I never thought would intrigue and challenge me so much. It has been a role that I have enjoyed greatly and has taught me a number of skills I would have not have gained in a classroom. Being a consultant has refined my presentation skills, taught me to think outside of the box, and has sprouted my passion for problem solving. In IBC, a consultant is able to take charge, help others, and create a path towards stronger leadership positions.

What's your favorite experience at IBC?

My favorite experience in IBC was last semester when my team had the pleasure of flying to Berkeley, California to present our midpoint to the client. It gave all the members of our team real-life experience speaking in front of a real client, and answering any questions that came our way. It taught us to be think quick on our feet and stay focused. The trip was also an amazing way for us to bond, have a little fun, and learn a bit more about each other.

What's the most exciting project you've work on with IBC?

The most exciting project I have worked on with IBC would have to be the one from last semester. Being a business major, it was very interesting to me to work for a client in the medical and life sciences field. I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time and sparked my interest in a whole lot of new topics outside of business.

What is the value of IBC to you personally?

To me, IBC has brought me so much more than I had imagined. It has helped me not only with hard skills such as research and slide decks, but it has ingrained some personal traits that I would have not have achieved without IBC. I have had the opportunity to work with people of all different ages and backgrounds, and I have undoubtedly improved my public speaking and confidence. Those are only the few things IBC has done for me.

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