IBC Impact

Skills development. Exclusive networking opportunities. Real-world work experience. We recently asked our students and alumni how IBC has impacted them. Here is what they had to say:

IBC students make more in their starting salary than the UIUC average and the national average.

Salary Comparison Amongst Undergraduate Majors

Students who excel in IBC get promoted faster in their jobs than their peers

said IBC benefitted them in the job process

said they use IBC in a job or internship interview

Real World Experience

<p>Make recommendations to executives at a global food-chain. Determine whether a global ag company should enter the Ukrainian market. Provide a new model to manage a $300 million budget. Assess advertising ROI of a global auto manufacturer.</p> <p class='the-point'>These are not Harvard case studies. <span>This is as real as it gets.</span></p>

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I think the thing that I enjoyed most is the real experience. My client is an IT consulting company. The client is very challenging but I learned a lot.
I enjoyed the impact we were able to make on the company when we provided them with actionable recommendations.
I loved interacting with real clients. I learned so much about the minor things that you are never really taught, such as conference call etiquette.
When I started, I did a lot of research and very quickly I was doing senior manager stuff. It was [an experience] that most people don't get to have unless they work for years.

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Skills Development

<p>IBC is a professional development organization. That's what we aim to accomplish, that's the motivation for all we do. Our students report improvements in leadership skills, presentation skills, teamwork skills and in general, practice in a professional setting.</p> <p class='the-point'>No matter what your background is, <span>you will come out of IBC with new or improved skills.</span></p>

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I truly believe that IBC was the most beneficial organization that I joined in college. From client interaction to professional research, I was able to improve upon skills that will be essential to my future career.
IBC has given me qualitative and quantitative skills to succeed in the job place as well as the confidence to present myself accordingly in an interview.
I could just see the growth within myself...standing up there and speaking to an audience.
IBC built a lot of self-awareness in terms of being able to know what you're good at and what you're not...I really grew as a person.


<p>IBC's alumni network includes high-performing professionals who are interested in giving back to current IBC students. IBC's Corporate Partners, clients and employer network includes incredible companies of all sizes whom recognize the top student talent they find in IBC.</p> <p class='the-point'>Current IBC members are the <span>cream of the crop</span> at the University of Illinois.</p>

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Building my professional network both in the real world and on campus has been an amazing opportunity.
I got to network with other great team members as well as MBA students and professionals at the company through IBC.
IBC allows you to learn from great leaders who have a tremendous amount of experience in the professional world
If someone is interested in [my area of expertise] they can reach out to me. I'm open to give back as much as possible.

Career Opportunities

<p>Let's face it, companies want to hire people who will hit the ground running and add value to their organizations. Our students report that once the recruiter asks about this "IBC project", that's all they talk about in their interview.</p> <p class='the-point'>Companies are looking for high-achievers and candidates who have <span>real-world experience.</span></p>

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Overall, I appreciate how valuable IBC has been in my job search. IBC is recruiters' favorite part of my rsum and is great for answering behavioral questions in interviews.
I had a brilliant time learning about consulting, thanks to that experience I am now moving into a data analytics and consulting company to pursue full time employment.
IBC has proven to me why I want to do consulting and given me real projects/experience to discuss with employers and recruiting managers. I would not have had success with jobs in engineering OR consulting without it.
IBC gave me valuable experience, professionalism, skills, and self-confidence. I was comfortable in my interviews and my professional experience really set me apart from other candidates.
The professional business experience that I achieved through IBC has allowed me to demonstrate my ambition and ability to succeed in a professional setting. In every interview I went on in the past two years, my experience in IBC was a primary topic of conversation.
IBC was a key talking point and the recruiter was blown away by how much responsibility I am allocated...

IBC students go on to work for some pretty impressive companies.